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Diagnose Your Auto’s Check Engine Light in Honolulu

If you are driving around in Hawaii and your car’s check engine light comes on what do you do? Our modern vehicles now have several dashboard lights that notify you of an issue that needs diagnosing. These check engine lights trigger a trouble code that is then stored on our car or trucks computer or ECM. It can be frustrating but also helpful in that it warns you of bigger possible issues. Often times it’s just that your vehicle doesn’t start or even turn over. You may even hear new sounds coming from under the dash or engine compartment. These can be clicks or dinging noises. Even the brakes on newer cars can be effected by the ECM that only a diagnostic test can help with.

Getting a diagnostic test done on your Hawaii vehicle is the only way to determine the issue at hand. Delaying it can also lead to more serious problems. By bringing your car in for a diagnostic test right here in Honolulu we can hook it up to our professional diagnostic tools and read the trouble codes that the ECM has received. With this inspection we are able to pinpoint the problem and get it fixed.

Automobile Diagnostic ECM Testing Hawaii

So if you see your vehicle’s check engine light come on, be sure not to ignore it. Contact us at our Honolulu shop to set up a diagnostic appointment today. You can call (808)744-8692 to get immediate assistance. It’s also possible to use our online appointment request form. It’s quick and easy and will help us know what you are looking for. Someone will reply soon after submitting and schedule your diagnostic testing appointment.