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Brake Rotors and Pads Replaced in Hawaii

When you drive your car or truck around Hawaii are you experiencing problems with the brakes? Maybe the brake pedal goes too far down before being effective? Hearing a metal on metal sound when you apply your brakes? These can be apparent signs of needing new brake rotors, calipers or pads. It’s important to have good working brakes on your Hawaii car or truck.

You can count on the brake repair staff at Chung’s Alignment & Auto Services in Honolulu, Hawaii to provide you with comprehensive brake services for your vehicle. Whenever you need a complete brake overhaul Chung’s can help. We work on both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We have many years of brake repair experience and many happy Hawaii clients that rely on us for their brake service.

Some of the Hawaii brake services we provide include brake pads, rotors, calipers and brake flush. We can service both disc and drum brakes for older vehicles. This can be a full brake assembly or even a topping off of brake fluids and a bleed. Whatever you need, Chung’s can be of service.

Hawaii Brake Repair and Services

So when you are ready to get your brakes serviced be sure to contact us at (808)744-8692 to schedule an appointment. We are available Monday thru Saturday right here in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you prefer, you can also request an appointment using our online appointment request form. After filling it out someone will contact you to arrange the best time for you. Thanks for choosing Chung’s for your auto brake needs!