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Suspension and Steering Service in Honolulu

As you drive around the bumpy streets of Honolulu Hawaii do you hear your car or truck’s suspension making clunking noises? Like something is broken? Sounding like a metal on metal clanking noise? Perhaps your car’s suspension has been beat up from Hawaii’s rough roads. Your vehicle’s struts or shocks take a lot of abuse on such uneven roads. Front wheel drive cars also require CV joint maintenance. This constant pounding on your suspension can cause steering issues as well as you may notice your vehicle swerving one way or the other after going over rough roads.

At Chung’s Alignment in Hawaii we can help you with steering and suspension problems. Our crew of professional auto mechanics have experience repairing vehicle suspensions. We can inspect your car and provide an honest evaluation of the problem. We may suggest steering repair, shock or strut replacement or even repairing your CV joint. These items all play a vital role in your vehicle’s proper operation. Once we diagnose the suspension problems we will consult with you the best plan to fix them.

Repairing CV Joints, Struts, Shocks and Auto Suspension Parts in Hawaii

So if your car is making odd noises when going over speed bumps or metal grates on Hawaii’s streets be sure to contact us here at Chung’s Alignment. You can call our Honolulu shop directly to set up a suspension repair appointment at (808)744-8692. Or if you prefer you can also fill out our brief appointment request form. Once received we will be sure to contact you soon after to schedule an appointment to bring your car or truck in for repair.