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Do you drive your car or truck around Hawaii streets and realize your vehicle handles poorly or doesn’t ride smoothly because of a bad front end wheel alignment? Maybe your lifted truck wanders in one direction or the other while driving or your steering wheel vibrates. Perhaps you notice that your car’s tires are wearing unevenly? We all know Hawaii’s streets are rough on vehicles so getting a front end wheel alignment is a vital auto service to keep your Honolulu car or truck driving properly. This also saves you money long term by not needing to purchase new tires as frequently.

When you are ready for dependable wheel alignment services for your vehicle in Hawaii, you can count on the experienced team at Chung’s Alignment & Auto Services. Our happy customers can rely on us to align the front end of their imported, domestic, and European vehicles. Our auto mechanics provide professional service and align your vehicle using the most up to date wheel alignment equipment available. We use Quadra-Lift systems and BendPak vehicle lifts for the proper alignment of the car’s wheels. You’ll find these advanced vehicle lifts only at our auto repair shop on Oahu.

Oahu’s Front End Alignment Specialists

When should you get a wheel alignment? Besides trying to correct a problem with your Hawaii vehicle, it’s especially important to get your front end aligned aligned when you get new tires, hit a curb or big pothole (Hawaii is notorious for them!) or even lift your truck. This will keep you from unnecessary wear on your tires. So when you are ready to align the front end be sure to contact Chung’s Alignment. We are conveniently located in Honolulu on Oahu. You are welcome to call us at (808)744-8692 to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out our brief appointment request form if it is easier. Someone will reply to schedule something with you. We look forward to being of help with your front end wheel alignment needs!